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Technical rider




Required conditions

At best 10x10 m or larger, smaller is possible too.
Black dancefloor
Black box or naked room, depending on the room.

  Dimmers minimum 20 channels, preferably DMX.
  Lightdesk is not needed if the dimmers are DMX. We will bring a laptop controller.
   If no DMX dimmers are available, a standard lightdesk will do

20 PC, 1kW or maybe fewer, depending on room size, fitted above the stage.

14 PC, 1kW or 500W, depending on room size, placed on towers or tripods at the side, one high and one low lamp per tower/tripod. If few lamps are available, one lamp less per tower/tripod is ok.

1 PC, 2 kW or other for strong backlight at the top-right back of the room, with blue gel (201).

4-7 Profiler Lamps 1kW for lighting around the screen and creating a “light-street”.

We will bring LED lamps. They can be placed on the same tripods/ towers as the other lights on the side, since they are small and light. They can be connected on the same channel and they need a regular lamp connected on that channel too. This is because most dimmers give out a low current even when on 0%. This little current is enough for the LED lamps to light. When the regular lamp is connected, it “eats up” the little current. This lamp should be put away from the stage, in another room, at best.

If few lamps are available, it is possible to make a reduced version. We have performed with quite basic setups and it can work ok. The setup would have to be negotiated then.

We need someone to help hang the lights and do the basic setup.


A sound system with stage monitors, mixer and CD player.
One microphone, Shure SM58 or compatible, on a stand. We could bring this, if need be.We play the main soundtrack from our laptop. We bring cable, stereo mini-jack to 2x mono jack.

We need someone to do the basic setup of this.

Video We will bring a beamer with 4000 Ansi Lumen and the projection screen, including frame.
We will bring video cable. Besides this we will bring XLR-adapters, making it possible to route the video-signal through the in-house XLR cable-system, if such exist.

We need some heavy weights or sandbags for stabilizing the screen-frame.
Dressing room
  A dressing room for one female dancer, with mirror, etc., as close to the stage as possible.

The exact setup can be modified; the number or dimmer channels and lights can be reduced, within reason, if necessary. We try to be as flexible as possible.

Stage setup

The stage setup, with

  • dance-floor
  • beamer
  • projection-screen
  • microphone on a stand
  • lights hanging above
  • side-lights on towers
  • LED lights on towers/tripod on the left

The side-lights and the LEDs can be setup differently, if towers and/or tripods are not available, as long as the general purpose is served. The number of lights can be reduced, if necessary.

Placing of weights


The weights, in green, can be metal blocks, sandbags or anything that is heavy enough to stabilize the frame, holding it firmly to the ground.