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July 3rd (premiere), 4th and 5th at Kunsthaus Tacheles - Berlin
July 9th at Silesian Dance Theatre International Festival - Bytom, Poland.

March 5. and 6. 2010 at 20:00 in Commedia Futura - Hannover, Germany
March 31., April 1. & 2., 20:00 at Theaterforum Kreuzberg - Berlin
June 10. at the TanzArt Festival, Bahnhofstr. 75 in Görlitz at 22:00.
July 23. at the Festival ProART in Brno, Czech Republic
July 25. at the Festival ProART in Prague, Czech Republic
July 27. at 11th Festival of Dance and Non-verbal theatre, Croatia.
August 15. &16. at International Dance Theatre Festival Poznan, Poland
September 17. at Uferstudios Berlin, Germany with Sylvania Pen
September 18. at Uferstudios Berlin, Germany with Catherine Jodoin
Oktober 8. & 9. at Tanztheater in Reutlingen, Germany (short version) with Sylvania Pen
November 5. at Festival Unidram Potsdam, Germany - with Sylvania Pen
November 6. at Festival Autumn Dance Floor Gryfino, Poland - with Sylvania Pen
November 12. and 13. at Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil, Switzerland - with Sylvania Pen
November 18., at Festival Tanz in Winterthur, Switzerland - with Catherine Jodoin
November 20. at Festival Move! in Krefeld, Germany - with Catherine Jodoin
November 25., 26. and 27, at Archauz, Århus, Denmark - with Catherine Jodoin

March 18. and 19. at 20:00 at Commedia Futura - Hannover, Germany with Sylvania Pen
July 26. at the Festival Bolzano Danza in Bolzano, Italy with Catherine Jodoin
September 8th - 21:30 at Micamoca Berlin, Germany with Sylvania Pen
September 14th at the Festival Tanzräume Hagen, Germany with Sylvania Pen
October 31st + November1. at the Festival BAD Bilbao, Spain with Catherine Jodoin
November 10th & 11th, at Dance Festival Barents, Norway with Catherine Jodoin

March 2nd and 3rd at MU Theater, Budapest, Hungary with Sylvania Pen
June 14th at Festival Xtra Frei in Scwankhalle Bremen, Germany with Catherine Jodoin

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