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a video-dance solo





DreaMe is about the interaction between reality and wish-reality. Special attention is given the ideals of achievement and beauty, as they are dictated to us by the media. How do I deal with the rising pressure? And how large is the margin within which I can move, while still remaining true to myself?

On a projection surface on the back part of the stage, doubles of the performer appear, phantom-identities. The doubles represent the artificially created ideals, values and goals of the real woman on one hand and her subconscious needs on the other. Her problem is to differentiate between her real and artificial self. And that is not so easy because even if some of what the doubles represent may appear false, nevertheless some of what they are stem from basic needs or wishes in the real person, that she is not in contact with and much less able to control. Naturally this leads to conflicts, in this setup visible as the struggle between the person on stage and her video-apparitions. During the course of the piece, we get to know three main video-identities or –characters, some stronger opponents than others. After a while these characters are able to transcend the video world and appear live on stage, in the body of the performer.

The piece makes use of a technical setup that allows precise timing between video, sound and stage-light. This way similar techniques used in film and TV can be used to insert sharp cuts in the images presented live on stage and on the projection screen. This presents a challenge for the performer of stage. She must change her character in an instant, swopping roles with the video image as the light goes black for a short moment. Or she must enter behind the screen in the exact moment that her video-image appears.

The stage-elements video and sound play equally important roles in the production. They each create a course of events, at times independent of the other media. For the performer, however, they are opponents in her attempt to position herself.

The production was conceived as a travel-light setup, making it possible to pack all equipment and set in a suitcase, thus permitting easy travel and the minimizing of transportation costs.

Duration: 60 minutes